Jan 022018

Tim Shorts of Gothridge Manor just posted an NPC/enemy for your player characters to face.  It’s a psychopathic troglodyte!  Not just that, but there are also some ideas on putting him to use in your game.  The one that Tim talks about involves dead goblins, and a goblin with his feet cut off… you know you want to read more.  I enjoyed the post, and I’m sure your low-level PC heroes would love the challenge.

“Traksha isn’t the kind of NPC that you want to throw into a head on fight with the party. He knows he won’t survive. He’s the kind of NPC that works behind the scenes for as long as the GM deems him valuable as an unknown. Also, it allows the party to use investigation tactics. I’m not talking about a simple roll, I’m talking about gathering information to discover habits, track and find him.”

Developing NPCs (Traksha, the Psychopathic Troglodyte)

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