Mar 142018

HEROIC TALES OF AGLAECA is a low fantasy role-playing game firmly grounded in the Sword & Sorcery genre – SWEET!  It gets a lot of its inspiration from dark age and early medieval western European history and mythology – I’M SOLD!

I’ve been reading about this game and waiting for it to kickstart for awhile now.  I’ve wanted to play a game that doesn’t expect me to win and hand me everything I need along the way.  Aglaeca assumes that heroes need to earn what they get, because “you don’t get something for nothing.”  For every Benefit there is a Problem, and Successes can be good and bad, depending upon the situation.  “Heroes can’t be heroic without challenges and hard decisions” – that sounds like a game I want to play.  Backed!

Check out the Kickstarter (click here)