Nov 292017

I watched Flash Gordon a lot as a kid, and why not? It was cool!  …So retro and corny, it can’t really be anything BUT cool.  And, I would be lying if I said that I never used plots and scenes from the movie in my own gaming sessions.  This pulp action game is perfect for Savage Worlds – Fast, Furious, Fun!  So finally, it’s on Kickstarter.

Check out this new feature:

“At the beginning of each session, the players are given the Cliffhanger token. When the group decides to use it, they flip it over to the CLIFFHANGER side! Everyone gets a reward of some kind–such as drawing or refilling their Bennies, or gaining Conviction. But then the situation goes from the proverbial frying pan into the fire in some way!”

Is that not awesome?

Of course, the Kickstarter has already funded, so get in on this while you can.  It has just a few days left…

Check out the Kickstarter…