Nov 162017

There seems to be quite an uptick in the number of games and supplements being published, surging the roleplaying game industry.  Yet, a lot of the new publishers (and still many veterans of the industry) don’t have all of the skills or tools needed to be as successful as possible… yet.  Well, Christopher Helton of EN World is here to help!  His latest blog post aims to help publishers (and others) understand the importance of press releases, and how to use them effectively…

Media 101: The Esoteric Art Of Press Releases
Nov 062017

Saga of the Goblin Horde is, quite possibly, the best Savage Worlds fan game out there.  Richard Woolcock, of Zadmar Games… well, I guess you could say he’s my hero.

In Saga of the Goblin Horde, players take on the roles of goblin bosses in charge of fierce little goblin gangs, and they’re hell-bent on sticking it to the humans.  Goblins have been stepped on for far too long, but these new goblins from the western tribes just aren’t gonna put up with it.  Of course, this assumes the little buggers don’t get themselves killed from their own shenanigans.

You gotta download this.  It’s free, and awesome.
Nov 022017

I love tips and tricks to pull on players.  It’s the little things that flesh out a gaming session, making it enjoyable night after night.  High Level Games talks about paranoia in one of their latest posts, and it’s a good read.

“So how do we take healthy, well adjusted heroes and turn them into shifty-eyed, shadow-watching, nervous wrecks? Simple: you erode their trust in things they take for granted. You can make them distrust one another, everything around them, or even themselves.”

4 Ways To Get under Your Players’ Skin This Halloween
Nov 012017

I pop on over to GnomeStew every so often, and somehow I missed this gem: Playing Characters Gamers Hate.  As I read, I kept finding myself saying, “yep,” “uh-huh,” and “been there!”  I’ve been in several different games over the years, and I’ve often seen the problem of players playing characters that others at the table hate, but I’ve also seen those hated characters work really well.  Successfully playing such characters all boils down to expectations and maturity, I think.

If you are playing such a character, want to play such a character, or have one at your table, give this a read…

Playing Characters Gamers Hate
Oct 302017

“If there is no true threat, it is not an adventure; it’s a tour.”

A lot of gamers have some really good advice when it comes to writing or running adventures.  And then every so often one stands out like the 800 lbs. gorilla.  This article came out almost ten years ago, and yet one could still find reasons to revisit it year after year.

Guide to Adventure Writing
Oct 282017

“50+ Printable Minis and RPG Stock Illustrations created from backer ideas and submissions.” Now who doesn’t want a great deal on minis for their roleplaying game?  I wasn’t going do two Kickstarter posts back to back, but this one has to get out there.  It has just three days left in its goal, and it’s almost funded.

In addition to the minis, there’s stock art involved.  So if you have a budget project in mind, you should at least check this out.

Fantasy Stock Art & RPG Minis
Oct 272017

Titan Effect RPG is a licensed campaign setting for Savage Worlds, and today it’s in our spotlight. The game is set in a contemporary world where psychic spies go up against genetically enhanced soldiers.  Of course, it’s a secret war, one which could change the future of humanity.

This is a Savage Worlds game, and it’s currently nearing the end of its Kickstarter run.  Help get this funded!

Titan Effect RPG for Savage Worlds
Oct 252017

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